Women's & Couples Therapy


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Don't be intimidated by the men only areas of my website. Individually or as part of a couple, I support women to realize their personal power. I know what happens to men in the absence of women. My mother was a victim of her time, her culture, and her man (my father). Women are too valuable to become victims. A woman can have a powerful effect on the world when there is someone to listen. When I work with a man, I almost always ask to see the woman in his relationship, since I know she will be able to tell me more about him than he will himself. I have also found that women frequently know a great deal more about how to be in relationship than a man does. Much of what I do in couples therapy has to do with describing the differences between men and women.

What women have to say about their experience with me:

"There are not enough thank you's, not enough gratitude to express how I feel about you (I know, just doing your job). I miss Tuesdays with Gary. You have helped me, and continue to help me with remembered words and intentions."
— J.G.

"You are a special person who makes our family stronger and better."
— Laura M.

"My husband is actively working on improving our relationship. He has stopped some of the petty controlling behaviors, is more verbal at expressing thoughts and emotions."
— Bonnie P.

"My husband has become a better listener and he is more responsive and less resentful of my needs. He is also better able to stand up for himself without resentment toward me."
— Kelly S.

Couples Therapy/Couples Counseling

My work as a translator for couples is both is both exhilarating and gratifying.

My emphasis is resolving conflict through communication and commitment, while validating the differences between men and women. I find that couples therapy entails discovering and negotiating those differences. Communication involves finding the core issues beneath what we say, then going deeper to find key words that better describe what we really mean. When highlighted, these key words can focus our intention to heal and change old patterns. Every couple has their own language, often burdened by assumptions and judgments that have never been decoded into meaningful dialogue.

What women have to say about couples therapy:

"Gary is very good at getting a man to hear a woman without emasculating or de-feminizing either. He has brought love back into my life."
— Fran G.

"Gary has a talent to both make connections and astute observations and share them in a very non-judgmental way without ever taking sides or posing things as negative. The process with Gary has enriched me as a human being and has contributed much more than the couples therapy I set out to do."
— Ellen C.

If you are interested in individual or couples therapy or have questions, contact Gary directly at 408-399-5545. Specializing in healing from affairs.

Couples therapy is $300 an hour, my preference is a one and a half hour session at $375. Individual therapy for either men or women is $250 an hour.