Men's recent comments:

"The circle of men is a sacred place. It is a place of safety, sharing, laughing and crying. It is a place of strength and vulnerability. We have just one core agenda: to help each other get what we want and be who we want to be." 
- David V.

"Gary's men's groups are a chance to problem solve some of life's biggest challenges with a support network of other men. Change is hard but possible, with the exploration of options that make a new path seem both possible and safe. That path can start here." 
- Phil M.

"The men's group was an experience that helped me come to a deeper realization of who I am and who I want to be. It was a step in my journey that has led to more self-acceptance, compassion, and openness. It is a place where I felt comfortable just being me." 
- Greg S.

Men speak of their experience and results in Gary's groups:

"This group has become a vital part of my life. The support and unbiased advice that I receive is priceless. For the first time I am looking inward for leadership and realizing that a healthy, happy, and vital life starts with me." 
- Tony F.

"The Men's Group that I attend has been both a 'lifesaver' and 'inspiration' for me at this point in my life during which I am experiencing turmoil. The Group provides emotional, spiritual, and logical support without bias or judgement." 
- Jim J.

"To my surprise I found a great group of men that genuinely cared about each other. These men openly shared their experiences and feelings and were receptive to receiving advice, while at the same time everyone provided me with sensitive and poignant comments." 
- R. S.

"Sharing thoughts and feelings with a small group of other men helps me put my own issues in perspective compared to what many other men are going through in their lives." 
- David M.

"An Ass kicking and a soul cleansing." 
- John C.

"I feel like I've been able to really start to turn myself around these past few months and your sessions, advice and the group environment are really helping." 
- Barry S.

"The power of the group is something that must be experienced. The group as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Men sharing their truth and their spirit strengthens them all."
- Andy H.

"The group has given me a sense of security and understanding. It's always good to have somewhere you can go and express your most personal thoughts and feel comfortable in doing so."
- Henry M.

"I just wanted to say that it was an electric group for me yesterday.  A whole bunch of men daring to go deep to work on themselves.  It somehow reminded me of the guys in the cave in 'Dead Poets Society.'  What an inspiration you guys are.  HO!" 
- Barry

"Group therapy helps relieve mental stress. I have stress in my business. I suffered a heart attack a few years ago and had high blood pressure. The combination of meditation, exercise, and group activities have helped me. It is a wonderful forum for improving communication. I lead a healthier life and my blood pressure is now normal without medication." 
- Sven T.

"A strong feeling of community with other men and a sharing of male energy." - Patrick

"I've learned to communicate better with men and therefore I've become a better communicator with my wife, as well as with my co-workers." 
- Doug

"The group is a place where we can share our true feelings, feel safe and get support. Also it is a place to get great advice and make sound relationships." 
- Brian

"I first joined the group at the request of my wife but soon found that I desired to be in it and stay in it for my own reasons ... Often the issues other men have and their reactions/responses are similar or nearly identical to my own...The major thing for me is the sense of the group breaking down isolation. What I get is that I'm not alone to work through my life." 
- Jim

"I've learned to communicate with men and therefore I've become a better communicator with my wife, as well as with my co-workers."

"Group is very effective at helping me see myself more moderately, which is what friends are for! Having a safe place to discuss ANYTHING is extremely important."
- J.H.

"A strong feeling of community with other men and a sharing of male energy."
- Pat

"I first joined the group at the request of my wife but soon found that I desired to be in it and stay in it for my own reasons. I'm not alone to work through my life."
- Jim

" The group for me is like a source of energy where, when I'm out of my power, or off-center, I can get more contained.
- Keith P.

"The men's group has added humor and male comaraderie. I can't imagine my life without the group being an important part of it."
- Kevin P.

"A men's group provides me a gift like no other ... I see myself reflected in the words and experiences of others."
- John M.

"The love and support I get from the circle is immeasurable, but the impact it has had on my life is not. The circle challenges me to be the man I truly want to be."
- Patrick C.

Comments on the Vision Quest experience:

"Having done two vision quests with Gary Plep, I highly recommend the process. The impact of sitting still, or sitting without distractions was huge for me. Gary is an excellent guide. He is absolutely dependable." 
- Steve C.

"To my Silicon Valley mind, this sounded very difficult. I imagined intense boredom and discomfort. It brought me an experience of peace, a chance to focus, a chance to really, really see. I experienced a feeling of unity with nature and the universe. It was very settling and helped me focus on what I want and what is important. Gary Plep is a licensed therapist who has been doing this for a long time. I will not say there is no risk to this venture, but I will say that a seasoned guide makes all the difference and I trust Plep completely." 
- Moe R.

"I send to you and the other courageous men attending the Vision Quest the fierce, wild and free spirit of the high mountains. I know that my own vision was clarified, strengthened and given heart through the Vision Quest I attended in May 1997, and I thank you Gary for showing the way to me and other men." 
- Richard W.

"I received from the Quest a serenity within that I've never known." 
- B.D.

"My Vision Quest was a time of renewal and strengthening, and of healing my heart. Being out in God's wilderness with other men and getting so close to God and all the spirits of nature was truly powerful. Having done two Quests, I know I will keep some form of Quest or time alone in nature in my life always." 
- Stan K.